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Can you help them find a forever home?


Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge was able to rescue two mothers and their calves from a ranch in Oklahoma, but more cows need homes.

You can learn more from the video below:

If you or someone you know can help find a Forever Home for some of these cows, please contact: Learn more HERE


Your support is essential to the making of this independent film. Our mission to share this amazing story relies upon the generosity of compassionate donors to complete the final stages of filming and post production.

Please help us complete this film!

Make an Everyday Difference

Factory Farm Cows 2.PNG





Shifting to a plant-based diet mitigates animal suffering, depletion of natural resources

and damage to the earth's environmental health. YOU can make a difference!!


If you're inspired to help us complete this film, click HERE to DONATE ♥
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